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    • What is a “mental performance consultant?”

      Definition of Mental Performance Consultant, as defined by the Canadian Sport Psychology Association: "Mental Performance Consultant's (MPC) are extensively trained in the area of sport sciences and have acquired fundamental knowledge in psychology and counselling through university undergraduate and graduate coursework. MPCs provide individual or group consultations geared towards improving sport performance and well-being related issues. They do not diagnose or treat mental health issues."

      It's important to utilize CSPA members because of the requirements and review process that occurs to obtain membership. MPCs provide consultations geared towards improving performance and well-being related issues. MPCs do not diagnose or treat mental health issues and are not covered by extended medical plans.

      For more information about MPCs and the CSPA, please visit

    • Are athletes the only ones who can benefit from a mental performance consultant?

      The answer is simple: No. Anyone working in performance-related realms can benefit from performance psychology and mental skills training. If you are evaluated based upon how you perform in the workplace or sport, the support of a mental performance consultant may be right for you.

    • How long do individual sessions generally last for?

      Sessions last between 50-60 minutes in length.

    • What is the difference between an MPC and a clinical psychologist or “sports psychologist?”

      I am extensively trained in performance psychology and mental skills training. My work with clients is primarily related to performance enhancement and optimizing individual well-being. I am not legally entitled to call myself a “psychologist” or “sports psychologist” as I do not have clinical training. If issues related to suicide, drug/alcohol abuse, eating disorders, among other arise, I will happily refer you to a clinician who is sufficiently trained in supporting these matters.

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