A strong mind equals power beyond limits.

We are dedicated to enhancing an athlete's mental preparation. Enabling them to achieve optimal performance.

Female weightlifter doing barbell shouulder presses

People will only go as far as their mind allows.

Physical preparation can only take athletes so far. If athlete's aren't mentally prepared for the obstacles and challenges that lie ahead, their true potential will never be reached. It doesn't matter if they are a recreational or high level competitive athlete, only once their mind is unlocked can they achieve their full potential.

You've put in the physical preparation in the offseason, now it's time to put your mental capabilities to the test.

Our three core steps:

  1. Lane swimmer looking onto an emptry swimming pool

    1. Facing Challenges

    Athlete's will learn how to cope with anxiety, nerves, or uncertainty that come with tryouts or upcoming competitive events.

  2. Female crossfitter using the assault ropes

    2. Adopting Growth

    Athlete's will learn how to adopt a growth mindset and embrace challenge, risk, and pressure.

  3. Soccer player training outdoors with the agility ladder

    3. Taking Action

    Athletes will learn actionable skills that they can use within and outside of the sport environment.

Our primary therapeutic approaches:

  1. Coach working with hockey goalie during practice

    Humanistic Therapy

    Support client self-discovery and realizing their own potential.

  2. Hockey goalie looking out onto an empty rink while stretching

    Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy

    Understanding how cognitions and thoughts impact outcomes.

  3. Hockey goalie crouching and focused during a game

    Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

    Providing clients tools and techniques that can be used immediately to manage problems or challenges.

Trail runner going uphill with a mountain in the backdrop

Build a strong mind and become leaps ahead of your competition.

We offer virtual/in-person group and individual sessions. Weekend workshops are also provided. Athletes can purchase sessions on an individual or packaged basis.

*All services are individualized to the athlete or team's specific needs.


Services individualized to each client based upon their presenting problem. 1-on-1 sessions take place virtually through Google Meet.

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Larger groups and workshops focused primarily on teaching mental skills and their application within the sport environment.

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Feel the impact from our athletes

Lukas, 18
"Working with Tyler has really increased my overall performance on the ice, I have been working with him for a couple years now and I learn something new every time we chat. I have really learned how to use my mind to my advantage while playing hockey and use it as a positive asset. My mindset on the ice has improved drastically since connecting with Tyler. I feel more confident in myself and a lot more prepared before games and practices."
Carla, 38
"When I started working with Tyler I was facing some serious mental challenges that were preventing me to reach my full athletic potential. I didn’t have the tools to channel my mental demons. Not very often you can have an expert to listen to everything you are thinking and feeling, and additionally provide the necessary tools to deal with the mental challenge. Tyler coached me for months and thanks to his help I was able to qualify one more time to two major international competitions. I have learned so many tools that I will continue using through major events. I couldn't speak highly enough of how he has helped me over this time."
Runel, 28
"During my sessions with Tyler we dove into why I might be in my head for my lifts. Tyler taught me some exercises to do after our sessions that ultimately helped me get out of my head and to trust myself and capabilities more. I ended up winning gold and tying a provincial record for the clean and jerk. I am not currently training for a meet, but once I am ready to compete again, I will definitely be running back to Tyler"
Josh, 19
"Talking with Tyler has given me a chance to be able to open up and express my feelings about myself. I have struggled with asking for help, but when I chose to begin working with Tyler I was really happy I did. He provides me lots of tools and exercises that build my confidence or to help me relax. He is a good listener when I have lots to say and sometimes even helps me to express feelings I may not really understand how to say aloud"

Are you mentally prepared?

Get a step ahead of your competition.

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